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[Guide] – Paying BSNL Landline Bill Online using NetBanking

Guide to Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online using NetBanking & Bill Desk

This article provides quick reference on paying your BSNL Land-line Bill  online using Net Banking thereby eliminating your stress by standing in long queues and saving lot of time. Here we  have used ICICI Bank as our reference for payment option. You can choose  it accordingly where you have online banking account.


Step by Step Process Explained

Step 1. Open BSNL Quick Payment[Click Here] Website

Step 2 : Select “Individual Bills” and enter the * fields and click  on Submit button

Pay For Phone Number  *
Account Number/Unique ID *
Mobile Number (or) E-Mail Address

Click on Submit button.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_1

Step 3. Check your fields in the BILL DETAILS and Select  Your Payment Option .
We have selected the option “All Credit cards / Debit cards / Internet banking / Cash cards“.After selecting no need to click anywhere as it will automatically take  you to the next screen.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_2


Step 4 : It will display your Transaction Reference Number. Note  it down so that it may be helpful in tracking a successful transaction or is required in case of Failed  or Incomplete transaction. After that click on “OK” button

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_3


Step 5 : Check Your BILLING DETAILS and select your Payment Mode. We have selected “Internet Banking” which displayed us the list of banks. We have selected ICICI Bank.  You can choose your own payment details and click on “Submit” button.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_4


Step 6. It will take you to your bank website where you need to login to your bank account. Here in our case it is ICICI Bank

TataSky Recharge_6


Step 7. Once you are logged in to your bank account, check the payment details. Here Pay To is BPC-Bill Desk & Payment Amount is 1003.00/- .  Enter the Payment Remarks followed by your TRANSACTION PASSWORD and click on Pay button.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_5


Please note that the screenshot data can vary according to your bank website


Step 8. In case of ICICI Bank, a new security feature appears where you need to enter the numbers as present on back of your debit card. Click on Pay

TataSky Recharge_8

Again this option varies from bank to bank


Step 9. If your Transaction Password & Debit Card Numbers are correct then your Payment will be made to BPC Bill Desk . Please note down the transaction number for reference. It will automatically redirect you to yourBSNL Website displaying all your transaction details.

Step 10. Check the Transaction Details and the successful message.

Pay BSNL Landline Bill Online_6


Note : Take screenshot of this image ( Press Print Screen button present near Home button on your keyboard . Now open MS Paint and Press Ctrl+V on keyboard to paste the screenshot.) and Save it for your future references. Also note the Transaction Reference Number to raise any queries on this transaction.

Bills can be paid online, even after Pay-by-Date.

There is a possibility of link getting disconnected, during returning from the BANK after successful Bill Payment. In that case, you will not be able to see the ‘Digital Receipt’ of the Bill Payment made since the Portal system will not know the details of the transaction made. If this occurs, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT to pay the bill again. The portal system, will shortly, receive the confirmation from the BANK, through alternative backup channel and the receipt will be sent to your registered email id.

In case your previous bill amount had already been paid and not updated here please visit our nearest BSNL cash counter to pay the current bill amount or else pay the total amount and excess paid amount would be automatically adjusted in your next bill

For Detailed billing information and clarifications regarding billing dial 1500


Hope this article provides you enough information on how to pay your BSNL Land line Bill Online using  Bill Desk & Internet Banking. Please share this article to your friends so that it will be helpful to them.


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